Philadelphia Sports Scene

May 4, 2010 11:53 PM

Pathetic Phillies Fans

My Lord what is going on in Philadelphia?!

I constantly try to defend the city that I call home but wow, things have gotten weird in the last month.

How does one defend an allegation of intentional vomiting on a police officer's child? How about a fan getting tasered after running on the field?? And how about another moron running on the field the very next night after the tasing incident, possibly the cause of ruining Cole Hamels shutout???alg_tasered_fan_phillies_game.jpg

I'm not even going to get into the Flyers biting stories because I have a limited tolerance for absurdity in one article.

I initially thought the taser was excessive and unnecessary, but found solace in the fact that no fool would EVER run on the field for fear of having an electric charge being shot throughout their body. I clearly underestimated the stupidity of fans.

Popular perception of the intelligence, etiquette, and common decency of Philadelphia fans has always been well below average and it may be impossible to recover from recent events. No, not all fans in Philadelphia are scum bags...most of them are genuinely nice and respectful of players, other fans, referees, and the game that they are watching.

These stories are simply indefensible and the only thing that can be said is I am ashamed for the city, the team, and all of the fans in Philadelphia that know how to behave properly.

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