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November 23, 2010 9:05 PM

Final Chapters and New Beginnings For Philadelphia Arenas

It's out with the old and in with the new at Broad and Pattison these days.

The legendary Spectrum has been demolished while in the adjacent parking lot, Lincoln Financial Field stands as a ground-breaking example of engineering and efficiency for the modern sports arena.

Before we look ahead, let's look back.

Thinking about all of the historic sports moments that took place in the Spectrum what stands out the most to me are the personal memories I had within those walls. Playing soccer twice during Kixx Games, watching the Phantoms from up against the glass for $10 a ticket, sitting in the stands with my father during a monster track rally (what a deafening experience), and of course Rockyrocky spectrum.jpg
Balboa fighting Apollo Creed for the heavy weight title in 1976 (wait, that didn't really happen?).

The building is gone but the memories live on: whether they were of national importance or personal, fictional or real. May the Spectrum sit with Veterans Stadium in sports arena heaven as they watch their former tenants have lots of success (hopefully some of the Spectrum dust can be sprinkled over the Wells Fargo Center to give the Flyers and Sixers the same kind of luck the Phillies have had recently).

Moving forward.

Not to be outdone by the Phillies new stadium innovation that I wrote about a few months ago, Jeffrey Lurie and the Philadelphia Eagles are taking "going green" to another level...the upper, upper level to be exact.

As reported in the "Tuesday Morning QB" article on

The Eagles announced they would add solar panels, wind turbines and a diesel- and natural gas-powered generating station to their stadium. The turbines and solar panels, which receive all the attention, will supply about 25 percent of the electricity needed by the facility. The gas-and-diesel generator, which no one will notice, will supply 75 percent of the power, and is in some ways the leading-edge aspect of the plan. Blue SolarArtist's conception of Lincoln Financial Field crowned by wind turbines. Solar power for night games is still being researched.

Check out the design plan.

The Lurie's and the Eagles have always made every effort to promote taking care of the environment with their mantra of "Going Green." If the team's success while they have been in command is any indication of how the new additions to the stadium will be received, get ready for wind turbines, solar panels, and power generators all across the NFL.

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