June 12, 2009 10:40 AM

Ibanez Leads Phils To Victory Over Mets, 6-3

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Okay, screw the part of Raul Ibanez going after that blogger. Jerod Morris is cool, and there are many other people who said many worse things about Ibanez. Morris didn't even say he took steroids if you actually looked at the post at

But anyways, the Phils went on towards victory, as Charlie Manuel felt like a father of many kids. Being proud as he could be. And that is why in this recap, there is so much proud to prove:

"My team always comes back. That's what's good about them."

That is what Charlie Manuel said as the Phillies rallied back towards a 6-3 win, the final score in ten innings of play. Raul Ibanez shut everyone up about the attacking of a blogger after he scored a three-run homer to mainly seal the deal.

And it sealed the deal perfectly, because it was in the last inning with only two outs left. It was over. Just over, just like that.

These two teams play against each other very good, but it was the Phillies who played better.

The World Champs finished with a 7-3 record in their road trip and are 23-9 on the road this whole year, which is best in the MLB so far. That, now that, is how you get it done. Having a ten-game road trip and finishing 7-3, that is just great. What's better is that you lead the Majors with your road record.

Do we see a repeat? Let's hope.

"It's a tough ballclub, a bunch of mentally strong guys in here, all 25," Ibanez told ESPN. "I've been on teams before where a lot of the guys were tough and mentally tough. This team everybody is mentally tough and never gives anything away."

And that is why they are doing perfect so far this year.

Ibanez is now second in the league with home runs with 21. Adrian Gonzalez leads the league with his 22 homers. Don't worry Ibanez, you'll get there. And if you keep homering, you'll get to about 40 homers.

And that is also how you get it done.

The 46-year-old Jamie Moyer played pretty good as well, having to pitch six solid innings. And four batters did great as Pedro Feliz had three hits and Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, and Matt Stairs (you got to love that guy) each piled on a run.

But Jamie Moyer was effective, and so were the innings he pitched.

"It's nice to be able to go on the road and feel comfortable in the environment that we're in and play well," Moyer told ESPN.

And if you play well on the road, home will be much easier, and if you are a team facing the Phils at Citizens Bank Park, you are going to die (and especially those New York Mets!).

The Phils face the Boston Red Sox today, looking to take a win against that 36-24 team (Phils are 35-23). It's going to be a pretty even matchup as the Phillies and Red Sox have a pretty similar record and with the Phils at 12-14 at home and the Sox at 15-16 away, it could be a hard-fought game.

But after what the Phillies managed do on the road so far, they look to eat those Red Sox apart today. So watch out: 7:05 is gametime.

Joe Blanton is scheduled to start while Jon Lester is for the Red Sox. It's going to be a tough game, and as I look at the ESPN Insider Pick Center, they say the Phils have a 31 percent chance of winning while the Sox have a 69 percent chance of winning.

The Phils will show them. And at 7:05, it's on. Get ready Philly fans, this is going to be fun!

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