August 7, 2009 8:47 AM

Happ Dominates Rockies, Amaro Makes Up His Mind


J.A. Happ, pitching with the spectre of a return to the bullpen hanging over him, shut out the Colorado Rockies on Wednesday. Happ limited Colorado to four hits and two walks, while striking out ten. Happ was throwing low-90s heat, as late as the ninth inning, when he retired the side in order, to complete the Phillies' 7-0 victory. It was an electric atmosphere at Citizens Bank Park, and the synapses of General Manager Ruben Amaro's brain were similarly charged:

Top of 1st: BB (CS), GO, GO WE: 54.8%
Amaro: I think I'll have a cheesesteak tonight.
Bottom of 1st: Howard RBI single, Phillies lead 1-0, WE: 60.3%

Top of second: K,K,FO, Phillies lead 1-0, WE: 65.6%
Amaro: Two strong from Happ- the sixth and seventh innings won't be a problem, for long.
Bottom of 2nd: Feliz HR, Rollins 2R HR, Phillies lead 4-0, WE: 85.8%

Top of third: GO,GO,1B,2B,K, Phillies lead 4-0, WE: 89.4%
Amaro: Maybe we'll work Happ into the eighth-inning mix.

Top of fourth: FO,K,GO, Phillies lead 4-0, WE: 91.2%
Amaro: I could probably pull off the hat Sarge is wearing tonight.

Top of fifth: 1B,GIDP,LO, Phillies lead 4-0, WE: 93.1%
Amaro: Cheesesteak was not a good choice.
Bottom of fifth: Werth 3R HR, Phillies lead 7-0, WE: 98.5%

Top of sixth: K,K,FO, Phillies lead 7-0, WE: 99.3%
Amaro: Jamie and Pedro could probably strike these guys out. Yesterday was just a bad day for Moyer.

Top of seventh: 2B,FO,K,FO, Phillies lead 7-0, WE: 99.7%
Amaro: Maybe keeping Happ in the rotation would be a good idea. He has been our most effective starter, and whatnot.

Top of eighth: BB,FO,K,FC, Phillies lead 7-0, WE: 99.9%
Amaro: OK. Happ is in, Pedro is in. Just have to break it to Jamie...

Top of ninth: K,FO,K, Phillies WIN 7-0
Amaro: Why is Charlie leaving our #2 starter in for 127 pitches?!!

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