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July 10, 2009 2:15 AM

The legacy of Steve McNair

I've refrained to this point to give my take on the tragic death of Steve McNair, because there had been blanket coverage of the situation by the main stream sports press. They covered every aspect of McNair's death and the circumstances surrounding it. Now we know the facts, or at least the facts as the local police have determined. His girlfriend shot him, then shot herself, for reasons we will never know.

I've heard many callers on talk radio saying that we need to remember McNair for his accomplishments on the football field and ignore this promiscuous endeavor that led to his demise. That won't happen. We as humans are hard wired to remember such things, that is what we do.We will look back on the career of Steve McNair and remember his accomplishments as a quarterback, but we will remember his death just as much, and how needless it was due to his promiscuity. That's a shame, but that is what we will remember at the end of the day.

Hopefully his death, and the circumstances that surrounded it will serve notice to all of us. Watch out for what you think you want, because it could end up being a decision that you never bargained for.


Rest in peace Mr. Steve McNair, and may God's love be with you, and with the family you apparently took for granted. 

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