Ravens Roost

August 7, 2009 2:20 AM

Will Mark Clayton be there when counted on?

Let's see, this makes 5 times in the 5 year career of Mark Clayton that he's experienced hamstring problems. The condition seems to be chronic. This time Ravens head coach John Harbaugh said there is considerable bleeding problems with Clayton's hamstring, which says he has massive tearing. We may not see Clayton again until after the regular season begins.

Thank God Derrick Mason decided to return , or else the Ravens receiving corps could be a crap shoot. Demetrius Williams has also had a recent hamstring problem, one that may have been a result of him favoring the leg he recently had Achilles tendon surgery on, but once again he is injured. Maybe Ozzie and company should start taking leg strength tests on players before they draft them.

One positive in the receiving corps has been last years 7th round pick Justin Harper. He's been making the most of his increased rep's due to the injuries of Clayton and Williams. Today Harper pulled in a 67 yard pass, or there about, give or take a yard, that caught the eye of the people in attendance at the Ravens training camp, and a few of the press as well. Harper took first string rep's over both Marcus Smith and Kelley Washington, which tells you he has the coaches interest.

The Ravens wide receiver position is definitely a case of "the next man up". It remains to be seen exactly who that next man will be.

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