Ravens Roost

September 23, 2009 3:07 AM

Ravens mid week report

I know everyone is still upset with the Ravens secondary giving up over 460 yards to Phillip Rivers and his receiving corps, and I am too. I had a hard time watching Fabian Washington play behind a receiver that is 7 inches taller then he is. If you have to go up against a taller opponent then you need to run side by side with him, a tall order no doubt, but that's the only way you stand a chance on breaking up a pass play. Washington should  know that I would think, if not then he isn't paying attention.

The Ravens can remedy the situation by playing more Cover2 when going against much taller receivers, but that would limit the impact Ed Reed would have when he is free to roam the field. Reed may not like it but I'm sure he wouldn't hesitate to do as the coaches wished. He knows the importance of  "TEAM". I think the secondary is going to be fine, or at least I'm hopeful they will be. Someone reassure me please.

The Ravens let Prescott Burgess go to the New England Patriots for a "conditional" 7th round pick. To replace his spot on the roster they signed tight end Tony Curtis, who hasn't exactly set the World on fire during his stints with the Eagles, Chiefs, and Cowboys. First off I'm not sure what the "conditions" are for the 7th round pick, and secondly I don't see how this really improves the team, unless L.J. Smith is worse off then we were led to believe. But who knows, he could be the right player in the right situation at the right time. The team worked him out so I'm sure they saw something they liked. I'll have to reserve judgment on this one for a while.

Amazingly ESPN and Sports Illustraded have the Ravens as their number one team in their power rankings, while CBS Sportsline has them 5th. While I compliment the Ravens for getting this kind of attention I'd prefer they stay under the radar. This team has always done better as the underdog and I believe they prefer that status as well.

When will Paul Kruger ever get a chance to show what he has? According to coach Harbaugh he just doesn't have enough seasoning yet, and they are working with him in practice to teach him better technique. Hopefully he'll get it down soon because it seems that Trevor Pryce has aged in the last two seasons and isn't the player he once was. The team needs to get as much pressure as they can from their front four to help the secondary out. It works both ways, if the secondary can cover their receivers then it gives the defensive line more time to get to the quarterback, and if the D line gets to the quarterback then the corners don't have to cover as long.

This weeks opponent is the Cleveland Browns, a team the Ravens should handle quite easily if you look at it on paper. However the game isn't played on paper and being a division rival these two teams know each other extremely well. Things that worked against the Chargers or Chiefs may be recognized by the Browns, but in the end it's still a game the Ravens can win, and should win.  






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