Ravens Roost

January 17, 2010 1:55 PM

The Ravens season ends with a lackluster effort in Indy

 The Ravens certainly didn't bring their "A" game to Lucas Oil Field last night. The game was pretty much a microcosm of their 2009 season. Once again costly penalties snuffed out any chance to get momentum on their side. The offense sputtered miserably and Cam Cameron once again got a little too cute for his own good. Why he chose to try and run the ball off tackle, right at Mathis and Freeney defies logic. And, once again the Ravens receiving corps was a total non factor. All they could manage was a single field goal, and that came on their first possession.

Give Peyton Manning and the Colts their due. Even though they didn't play a great game they made the most of the opportunities the Ravens handed them. Manning took advantage of the mismatch between his receivers and the Ravens linebackers and dinked and dunked his way down field with relative ease. His decision to go for the touchdown in the closing seconds of the first half was the dagger that put the Ravens away for good.

  The Ravens were never in this game. They may have spent all of their karma at New England a week ago. This game marked the 8th straight time the Ravens have lost to the Colts, a streak that makes the blood of Baltimore fans boil. And, as great as everyone believes the Colts are this win made them a mediocre .500 team in the playoffs expanding their record to 8-8. Certainly not a sign of greatness.

The Ravens have the nucleus of a good football team. You don't make your way into the playoffs two straight years by accident. But there are still a few pieces of the puzzle that this organization needs to address. And that's what we'll do for the next six months.

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