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February 18, 2010 9:08 PM

Donte Stallworth is the beginning, not the end

donte_stallworth.jpgThere have been a lot of sour feelings about the Ravens signing Donte Stallworth. Some say his past mistake is reason enough not to sign him. Others think that this was the one and only move Ozzie Newsome plans on for addressing the Ravens deficiency at wide receiver. Still others complain that he's  past his prime and won't make a difference.

I beg to differ.


I think people need to put this move in perspective. Stallworth did  that resulted in the death of a construction worker who ran across the street trying to catch a bus. A video that has been sealed by a Miami judge shows the man recklessly running out in traffic someone that could have could have been hit by any number of drivers. If the police hadn't been able to detect a small amount of alcohol in Stallworth's system he most likely wouldn't have been charged with anything considering the actions of Mario Reyes running halfway across a four lane highway only to turn back and try to make it back to the shoulder.  Stallworth did the right thing by  stopping immediately instead of trying to run and hide, and even tried to administer CPR to the dying man. He's said this will be a burden he carries for the rest of his life and I believe he is sincere . That doesn't sound like a heartless thug to me. His blood alcohol level at the time of the accident was .012, well below the .08 limit,  a level that could be reached by drinking 2 beers in one hour for a 180 pound man or woman.   You decide if he was guilty of reckless drunk driving.

As for those who say he has nothing left I again would beg to differ. For someone having the opportunity to resurrect his career  I would expect his concentration level to be razor sharp and his commitment totally dedicated to showing the Ravens they didn't make a mistake by taking a chance on him. It's not often society gives you a second chance when you fall so far but I believe Stallworth will make the most of it. Just ask Ray Lewis.

And please don't think that the Ravens front office feels like it has addressed the deficiency at wide out with this one signing. This was just a starting point and you can rest assured that there will be more moves to come.  Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti laid down the gauntlet at the Ravens end of season press conference that he wanted to give Joe Flacco more weapons and was willing to take chances on some players, but don't think for a minute that this one player will satisfy his directive.

There will be more players added to Flacco's arsenal rest assured. With this pick up the Ravens got a receiver that is probably better then Mark Clayton or Demetrius Williams at a bargain price, and if the Ravens didn't sign him another team surely would have. I'd call that being on the ball.

Let's give the man a chance to prove himself before we start casting stones. He just might surprise you! 

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