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February 4, 2010 6:44 PM

Ozzie Newsome is on the hot seat

newsomercjpg-5736be008a843f34_medium.jpgThe Ravens just had their state of the team press conference and during the question and answer session with reporters Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti made it known that he thought the team needed bigger and better wide receivers. If the big man wants something then the person he pays to make those things happen knows he'd better produce. The pressure is now on Ozzie Newsome and he knows it. The very fact that Biscioitti mentioned it in public let's you know that this is a priority for him.

The Ravens have a serious need and only one man can take care of that need. Only one man will be blamed if the situation isn't addressed to Bisciotti's satisfaction. Ozzie Newsome is that man.

Newson knew last season that the team sorely needed help at the receiver position, but he was banking on Demetrius Williams being able to fill the void. That didn't happen. Head coach John Harbaugh spoke to the deficiencies of Williams at the press conference stating that "he just isn't able to do enough at this point", meaning his route running and intensity are seriously lacking. Plus, with the possibility that Derrick Mason may retire, Kelley Washington may entertain a better offer, and Mark Clayton may also find greener pastures the Ravens wide receiver needs this year may be by far the biggest the team has ever faced.

It's not going to be easy for Newsome to find solid replacements when you consider he has two strikes against him due to the Final 8 Rule that the team faces during this upcoming uncapped season. The team will have the ability to sign one free agent to a $5.5 million first year salary, with minimal acceleration on that salary moving forward. Other then that they can only acquire other free agents if they lose one of their own, and the one they acquire can't be paid more then the one that left. Might Ozzie let someone like unrestricted free agent Justin Bannan go just to create some room to maneuver?

There's hope that the Ravens scouts, who scour the entire country looking for talent, may have found a promising receiver at some little known school somewhere in West Kahoogaville USA, a place no other team thought to look. Or, as is often the case, the team may be able to find a gem in the later rounds.  It's been done many times in the past with players like Andre Reed, 4th Round, Donald Driver, 7th Round, Steve Smith, 3rd Round, and T.J. Houshmandzadeh, 7th Round. The Ravens may also be able to continue their streak of bringing in fantastic undrafted free agents by finding a quality wide receiver that isn't well known to the rest of the league.

However it shakes out Ozzie will have to make something happen, and hopefully he'll get it right, as he often does. Alright Mr. Newsome, the ball is now in your court.  

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