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March 25, 2010 6:46 PM

Cory Redding may prove to be a huge bargin

The recent departure of Dwan Edwards forced the Ravens general manager Ozzie ReddingCory.jpgNewsome to scour the free agent market for a suitable replacement. The result was the Ravens signing former Seahawk  Cory Redding to a two year $6 million deal. To you and I that is 4 lifetimes worth of money but for a good NFL player that's medium income level. This is a move  that could pay off well for the Ravens this year.


Redding, who started his career in 2003 with the Detroit Lions who drafted him in the 3rd round . By 2006 he was looked at as one of the best defensive linemen in the entire NFL and in 2007 he was signed to a $49 million deal that made him the highest paid defensive lineman at that time. The following season would see him placed on injured reserve in December  with injuries to his knee and groin. Last year he was traded to the Seattle Seahawks for linebacker Julian Peterson but didn't seem to fit in well with their system. In Baltimore he will have a chance to reclaim his past success in the Ravens 3-4 defensive scheme. I believe any defensive player that comes to the Ravens becomes  better just by being a part of the teams glorified defense. Look at how much better defensive tackle Sam Adams became after those same Seahawks let him go. In Seattle he was known to take plays off and didn't practice with much enthusiasm, but in Baltimore he played like a monster. When you play defense for the Ravens you know there is a standard you have to live up to and Redding may relish the chance to prove he can meet that standard.

Most likely the team will platoon him with Trevor Pryce, should he remain on the team, and second year DE Paul Kruger who is undergoing a strength and conditioning regimen to add more weight and muscle. All of them, and also OL Terrell Suggs  will be tutored this upcoming training camp by former Raven, and onetime Seahawk Michael McCrary in the art of sacking the quarterback. This is something I've wanted to see happen for years now as I've always considered McCrary to be pound for pound the toughest Raven of all time. Hopefully he can instill some of the all out passion for the game that he had to each of these players. If he can they will all benefit greatly and we may see the Ravens harassing quite a few quarterbacks this coming season.
Amen to that!  

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