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March 4, 2010 5:39 PM

Raven fans up in arms over need for wide receivers

mason.jpgYou'll hear it at your place of work, at your favorite local watering hole, you'll read about it in every local paper and message board. Raven fans are obsessed with signing a top tier wide out this offseason. Make no mistake, the Ravens do need to bolster their wide receiving corps but some of the possibilities I've seen and heard just aren't going to happen, nor should they.

The Ravens did make a medium upgrade with the signing of Donte' Stallworth, but as I've said that was only a beginning.  But many fans scream for the team to go out and sign players that they simply can't, either because of the restrictions of the Final 8 Rule or because the price for these players would simply be too high.

Should the team give up their 3rd round pick in the draft ( so far just a rumor that the Cards will only be asking for a 3rd rounder)  to aquire Anquan Boldin? It would seem like a no brainer until you consider the huge contract it would take to get him on board. That kind of money would cause the team to have to sign much lesser talents to fill other areas of need. Do the Ravens take a shot at landing Brandon Marshall and give away their first round pick, and a ton of money to go along with it? Suppose a coveted player  like TE Jermaine Gresham or CB Joe Haden would fall to the 25th spot but the Ravens weren't there to take them. Would Marshall with all his off the field problems be considered a better value?

And you can forget about signing either Malcom Floyd or Vincent Jackson as San Diego has placed a 1st and 3rd round tender on both of them. That's way too high a price to pay in my opinion. That leaves a few others but they aren't as high profile as those stated above. One would be the Texans Kevin Walter, but he isn't the deep threat that everyone wants but more of a possession type receiver. Then there's Antonio Bryant who can stretch the field but is a huge headcase. And of course we have Terrell Owens, who spurned Ozzie Newsome in 2004, who is in his last productive years, and seems to cause turmoil wherever he goes. He could be a decent stop gap for a season or two but the Ravens need to address the position long term.

Look at it this way, the Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti has stated that he wants to see improvement in the teams receiving corp. Ozzie Newsome, the man who's job it is to see that that happens has said he wants to get quarterback Joe Flacco better weapons to work with on the outside. So there will be significant change at wide receiver for this coming season. Will it be one of the big name players? Possibly. But rest assured there will be change and the team will have better players lining up in 2010 then they had last season. Bisciotti has laid down the gauntlet and Newsome knows he has to deliver. That tells you this thing is going to get done one way or another.


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