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March 16, 2010 6:36 PM

Terrell Suggs appears ready to commit

The Ravens have announced that Terrell Suggs has reported to the off season workout program held at the teams training complex affectionately known as "The Castle." The workouts are voluntary and Suggs had decided to skip them the last two seasons after the team put the franchise tag on him. For that matter he decided to skip most of training camp the past two seasons as well, a move that turned an all star player into a lackluster one who seemed to be going through the motions for the most part.

After the team signed him to a $63 million contract last season Suggs rewarded them by coming into the season over weight and out of shape. His 4 1/2 sacks were a career low and far too many times he was being beat on simple running plays, the kind he had excelled on up until last season. You could say that basically he let the team down by not being the best player he could be.

Well, this didn't sit too well with Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti, general manager Ozzie Newsome or head coach John Harbaugh. They let Suggs know, in no uncertain terms, that he had better get himself into shape for this season and start earning those millions the team had invested in him. They weren't going to allow him to simply coast through the season as he did a year ago, so therefore we now see Suggs at the complex doing the things he should have been doing the past two seasons.

I believe Terrell Suggs knows that he didn't do a very good job of preparing himself to play last year, and I also think that he has enough pride to make amends to the team and his fellow team mates. He understands the team has invested a lot in him and expects to get a lot more in return this season, so Suggs has began hitting the weights, doing the cardio-vascular workouts, and seems intent on making up for past neglect.

If Terrell Suggs can get himself back to the player he was two years ago, but smarter because of age, then the Ravens chances at a title increase significantly. One of the biggest problems the Ravens defense had last year was not getting pressure on the quarterback, and much of that was due to the play of Suggs. If he gets himself back in shape, and revives his passion level, then this could make for a big return on that $63 million investment. Let's hope so.terrell-suggs.jpg  

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