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March 9, 2010 8:49 PM

The Ravens are on the clock

boldin.jpgI was happy to see the deal struck between the Ravens and Anquan Boldin. It wound up costing much less then I expected and the move really goes  a long way toward helping the Ravens offense become more of a premier unit. But there are other areas of concern with this team that still haven't been addressed and time may be of the essence. 

While the signing of Boldin was a welcome addition the team still hasn't addressed their own free agents that need to be signed up.  Have  they made offers to Dawan Landry, Dwan Edwards, Marshall Yanda, Sam Koch,Jared Gaither and Derrick Mason? I'm sure they have offered opening bids for these players but these are players that need to be locked up for the next few years, unless the team finds replacements who can do the job just as well which is a hard proposition at best.

With the possibility of the team trading Jared Gaither, thought to be a potential loss due to the lesser of first round tenders , the Ravens may be competitive by moving Michael Oher to left tackle, Yanda to right tackle, and Chris Chester to right guard, but that leaves a void in capable backups on the offensive line with Chester being somewhat of a swing man. Perhaps the team plans on addressing this in the draft, or then again maybe they don't. Losing Gaither could become a real issue.

I'm one who believes the team should lock up Derrick Mason now. Without Mason I can see Boldin being double covered most of the time causing Joe Flacco to abort the play and dump the ball off for a lesser gain. With both Mason and Boldin lining up at wide out, or better yet Mason in the slot and Donte' Stallworth out wide defenses would have a hard time figuring out where the ball was going. To me this is a formula that can work well and should provide passing offense this team hasn't seen since the like of Michael Jackson and Derrick Alexander  wore the purple and black.

And, even if the team decides to keep Edwards there is still a need for players that can rush the quarterback. Will Paul Kruger make a statement this season? Will the team keep Antwan Barnes, who seemed to be the best pass rusher the team had toward the end of last season? Will they set their sites on a defensive end in the draft, one who they think can play from day one? These are things that we won't know for many months.

Hopefully Ozzie Newsome is minding the store, which I think he is, and these players will be retained, or as said replacements found in free agency or through the draft can fill their roles. The entire process is just getting started and I'm sure we'll see moves made that we never expected, but I think everything is going to work out in the end. It always seems that way.    

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