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April 17, 2010 9:33 PM

Have the Ravens moved past the Steelers?

Those who watch the NFL faithfully know that the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburghravens steelers.jpg Steelers have what may be the most fierce in all of football. These two teams have a mutual hatred for each other that goes back years, and it just seems to get more intense as time goes on. The Steelers lead the all time series 19-11 which includes two play off loses in 2002 and 2009 but those numbers may be about to change. 

The purple birds of Baltimore seem to have improved their team by a much greater margin then the black and yellow of Pittsburgh. And yes, it's yellow, not gold. Maybe if you only had the five pack of crayons as a child, which wouldn't surprise me if the majority of Steeler fans did, then you colored the kings crown with the crayon that read "yellow" and called it gold. The strips on the Steelers uniforms match those they paint down the middle of the roadway and they don't call those the double "golden" lines now do they. If you want to see gold on and NFL uniform I suggest you watch the 49'ers or Saints.

The Steelers have not only lost wide receiver Santonio Holmes but their starting quarterback and woman abuser Ben Roethlisberger will be sidelined for up to six weeks for his latest adventure. If either Byron Leftwich or Dennis Dixon gets off to a good start it wouldn't surprise me to see the Rooney family trade Big Boob away. From what I hear he isn't well liked by his team mates anyway. Who could blame them? 

The Steelers drafted Maurkice Pouncey who looks like he may turn out to become a good offensive lineman, and trust me they need him. The Steelers offensive line has been a weak spot for the past few years and the addition of Pouncey won't be enough to make them a viable unit. The Ravens on the other hand have a core group of young talented offensive linemen who are just coming into their own. Even if Roethlisberger does regain his starting job he may not make it through the season without getting knocked senseless as witnessed by him being sacked 50 times last season.

The Ravens on the other hand have added receivers Anquan Boldin, a perrenial all pro, Donte Stallworth, who is looking to rejuvenate his career, and drafted two solid tight ends in Ed Dickson and Dennis Pitta to give quarterback Joe Flacco some new and valuable weapons. The team also retained Derrick Mason who will one day make it to the Hall of Fame in this writers opinion.

The Steelers say they want to return to their roots and revitalize their running attack  but when they face the Ravens they'll have to deal with one of the best run stopping defenses in all of football which added even more heft with the drafting of defensive tackle Terrence "Mt." Cody, who can clog up the middle of the field all by himself using his massive  360 lb. frame. Add Haloti Ngata and Kelley Gregg to the mix and the Steelers will have a hard time sticking to their run game or even keeping runners on the field for that matter.

Joe Flacco, who is the antithesis of Ben Roethlesberger from a moral standpoint should be able to improve over his second year stats with little problem. In his first two seasons he has put up better numbers then either Joe Montana or John Elway did in their respective beginning seasons. Flacco seems to think that he'll be able to exceed 4,000 yards this season with no problem. Here is what he had to say about his chances,  "I think I should have thrown for 4,000 last year," Flacco said. "In the beginning of the year I was on pace for 5,000. ... That's why I feel like 4,000 yards should be no big deal." You gotta admit, the kid has plenty of confidence.

Overall it looks like the Ravens are a team on the rise and the Steelers are in somewhat of a decline. Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome was quoted as saying a few years back that he won't rest until his team has surpassed the Pittsburgh Steelers. Well that time may finally be here.



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