Ravens Roost

April 22, 2010 6:09 PM

The Ravens can't afford to miss

With only 5 picks in this years draft the Ravens will need to make the right decision withC4S_Blodin031410_112309c.jpg each of them.While there is a chance that the team could trade a player or two, such as Mark Clayton or Willis McGahee for additional picks but that may not happen.

So, the Ravens will need to come away with 5 football players who will make the roster in order to call this draft a success. Ozzie Newsome has a great history of nailing his number one choices but has been hit or miss in the second round, something the team can't afford this year because they have no 3rd round pick.

With the draft only hours away we'll see right away whether the team is comfortable standing pat or if they'll make a deal for more picks. Stay tuned....

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