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September 12, 2007 5:22 PM

Belichick Would Be Great In The World Series Of Poker

It takes a certain type of person to be good at poker. It takes a certain smugness, even arrogance. It takes a personality willing to take risks. It takes a person who is ultra-competitive and willing to win at any cost. And it also takes skill. Bill Belichick fits all the criteria. If you've ever seen his press conferences he definitely has the poker face. His one word answers and mumbling into the mic are staples on any Monday morning during football season. All he needs is a pair of headphones and sunglasses and he'd fit right into the World Series of Poker. I'd love to see him at a table with Phil Helmuth. I'd imagine it would be even more uncomfortable than the infamous handshake (or lack thereof) between Belichick and Mangini from last season.

Bill Belichick has been an amazing coach and certainly headed to the Hall of Fame. He's the only coach to win 3 Super Bowls in 4 seasons, but his war-like tactics and tendencies of bending and breaking the rules have gone too far. Commissioner Goodell is attempting to clean up this league and has taken harsh stances on player conduct. Now he must show that he is willing to do the same against coaches. In baseball, most feel the game's integrity is in jeopardy because of steroid use. Steroid use gives players an unfair competitive advantage, or what some people would call cheating. Bill Belichick is now being accused of having an unfair competitive advantage, and this isn't the first time. If Belichick has been stealing signs, I hope Commissioner Goodell is willing to penalize Belichick and the Patriots in order to protect the integrity of this game.

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