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September 19, 2007 10:35 PM

Fair Or Funny: New York Accused Of Stealing Signs

An eye-popper in the New York Sometimes today:

In a bizarre twist, Boston is accusing New York of stealing signs. Legendary Red Sox fan, James Rapp was shocked and appalled at what he saw while watching the broadcast of a Yankees/Red Sox game that took place at Yankee Stadium. Many of you might not know that Mr. Rapp came up with the “Yankees Suck. Jeter Swallows” slogan that he proudly displayed on posterboard when the two teams played a series at Fenway in 1999. Rapp recalled the origin of the now famous slogan:

“I’d heard many people yell out Yankees suck in the past, but I knew there had to be more to it. I knew there was something there, but it didn’t come to me right away. Then, one night the Yankees just pounded us and Jeter was like 5-5 or something. I was feeling pretty depressed and decided to have some um, personal time…and that’s when it came to me. Yankees Suck and Jeter Swallows! I never thought I’d have a more momentous moment in my life than when I finished Super Mario Bros in under 10 minutes, but that night everything changed.”

Rapp grabbed posterboard and a sharpie and brought the sign to Fenway the very next day. The response was overwhelming. “At first I was a little nervous. I had the sign rolled up, but once I saw Jeter step to the plate I knew what I had to do.”

James Rapp unrolled the sign and displayed it to laughs and cheers from the Boston faithful. But, now his unique slogan is in jeopardy. Rapp recently saw a sign at Yankee Stadium that read, “Red Sox Suck and Manny Swallows”.

Rapp responded, “Yankees fans have no class. They think they can just take the best slogans away from every franchise. They’ve never developed slogans to bring up to Yankee Stadium and that’s why their slogans are always old and past their prime.”

We were able to get in contact with the man responsible for the counter-sign. Vinnie Delpino, a 25 year-old hailing from the Bronx responded, “What, does this guy thinks he owns words or something? Fugetaboutit!”

Instead of taking legal action, Rapp has decided to focus his efforts on coming up with a new slogan.

“I have the Yankees players names on one side of a piece of paper and expletives and insults on the other and I’ve been mixing and matching. Just trying to figure out what will work the best. So far, I’ve gotten ‘Clemens Has Chlamydia!’ and ‘Damon…More Like Gay-man!’ but I know I can do better.”

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