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September 26, 2007 12:23 AM

What I Learned: College Football Edition

-Tim Tebow is the Heisman frontrunner. He was 20 for 34 for 261 yards, 2 touchdowns, and more importantly zero interceptions. Oh yeah, and he also rushed for 166 yards and 2 touchdowns. To put that in perspective, everyone’s leading candidate coming into the year, Darren McFadden, had 173 yards rushing. Tebow took what the defense gave him and didn’t force anything. He’s showing maturity well beyond his sophomore standing. But, let’s hold off on those votes until he runs through the gauntlet of LSU, Kentucky, and Georgia after this week’s math-up against a disappointing Auburn.

-Michigan’s got Hart and that means they have a strong chance to win the Big 10. Mike Hart carried the ball a career-high 44 times against the Nittany Lions and while he averaged just under 3.5 yards per carry he carried the ball 44 times! Michigan still has to improve on offense to have a chance against Wisconsin and Ohio State (their last 2 games of the season), but if they get any sort of passing game and their defense continues to hold up, they quickly become the favorite in the Big 10. They SHOULD win their next 2 games against Northwestern and Eastern Michigan and then they might have a challenge at home against Purdue.

-Syracuse’s win over Louisville is almost as big of an upset as Appalachian State over Michigan. Louisville’s 20-game home win streak was snapped despite Brian Brohm throwing for 555 yards and 4 touchdowns. Syracuse, a 36.5 point underdog scored 38 points, whereas they had scored 32 points in their first 3 games combined. Prior to this game Syracuse had been outscored 118-38, or an average loss of over 26 points per game. Brohm might be able to rack up numbers, but if their defense doesn’t get any better the Cardinals are in for a rough rest of the season.

-Wisconsin is the most overrated team. They beat UNLV by just one touchdown, gave up 31 points to the Citadel, and squeaked out a 17-13 victory over Iowa. While they’re overrated don’t expect them to slip in the rankings anytime soon. They hold the nation’s longest winning streak at 13 games and have the schedule to continue that streak. If they can beat Penn State on the road in mid October, they should stay undefeated until at least November 3rd when they play Ohio State on the road.

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