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September 27, 2007 7:06 PM

What I Learned: NFL Edition

-Cowboys are regretting not signing Tony Romo. The Cowboys decided to wait to negotiate a deal with Romo and now he has put up big numbers and will command a big salary. Romo is 6th in passing yards, 3rd in touchdowns, and 3rd in quarterback rating. Romo racked up 329 passing yards vs. the Bears; a defense that allowed just one 300-yard passer all of last regular season. Romo will get top 5 quarterback money before the beginning of next season.

-Donovan McNabb knows how to draw attention to himself. Had McNabb had another poor performance the media would be all over him, as they were after he made comments about black QB’s being held to a different standard than white ones. Now, the story is about his rejuvenation and the Eagles are all of a sudden a contender in the NFC. But, everyone should temper their expectations. Yes, 56 points is a lot, but it was against the Lions. This is a Lions defense that allowed Josh McCown of the Raiders to throw for 313 yards.

-The Bills are the worst team in the NFL. There’s a short list of teams that could give the Bills a run for the worst NFL team. The Dolphins, Falcons, Rams, and Saints are also 0-3, but the Saints and Rams have talented offenses and will end the season with at least 5 wins. The Dolphins and Falcons look pretty pathetic, but they haven’t been outscored 79-23, they don’t have a rookie QB starting (Trent Edwards), they haven’t lost their best defensive player (Paul Posluszny), and their defensive secondaries have not been completely decimated. The Bills will be without JP Losman for at least a couple of weeks and that means at least a couple more losses. At least they won’t lose in 3 weeks. God bless the bye week.

-Norv Turner should be cut some slack. I’m not ready to defend Norv Turner, but I’m not ready to can him either. Keep in mind that the reason Schottenheimer was fired was because of his post-season performance, not regular season. The Chargers defense has been mediocre at best, LT doesn’t look like the MVP of a year ago, and Philip Rivers is having his share of problems, but they’re just 1-2. They play the Chiefs, Broncos, and Raiders before a week 7 bye. If they can beat the Broncos on the road they should be 4-2 and everyone is viewing the Chargers a little differently.

-The Colts look better than they did last year. The Colts seem to be like a college football powerhouse that just keeps reloading now matter how many players they lose. The Colts lost 6 starters from last year’s Super Bowl team (4 on defense) and they look better than ever. Marlin Jackson has stepped up to replace the aging Nick Harper; Rookie Anthony Gonzalez replaced Brandon Stokley; and Joseph Addai has been able to carry the load with the loss of Dominic Rhodes. Colts seem to be taking a page from the Patriots by releasing older players that will carry a large price tag and replacing them with younger serviceable players. So far, so good.

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