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September 17, 2007 9:41 PM

What I Learned: NFL Edition

-Having the number one pick in fantasy football doesn’t make you a lock (or the second or third for that matter). In fact, fantasy football rankings are completely screwed up right now. The top 3 picks, Tomlinson, Jackson, and Johnson are ranked a respective 44th, 154th, and 84th. We’ve all heard that running backs win fantasy leagues, but currently it’s wide receivers who are leading the way. The top three fantasy players are Steve Smith, Chad Johnson, and Randy Moss. The top running back is Edgerrin James followed by LaMont Jordan…it’s early in the season folks.

-Chad Johnson jumped into the Dawg Pound in Cincinatti...and the Bengals defense must have disappeared in the Black Hole.

-With the Browns win- the race for the worst team in football should focus on the Chiefs, Bills, Dolphins, Falcons, and last year’s “winner” the Raiders. At least next year’s Draft looks to have a lot of talent.

-Janikowski has the strongest leg in football. The Raiders lost to the Broncos in overtime, but did you see those kicks by Janikowski? In overtime Janikowski kicked a 52-yard field goal that would have been good from about 65 yards. But, Broncos head coach, Mike Shanahan called a timeout prior to the snap. On his next attempt, Janikowski hit the very top of the left upright. Had that kick been 6 inches to the right the Raiders would have their first win, but more impressively that kick would have been good from 70-plus yards. Instead of marching out McCown to throw an interception they should just put in Janikowski once they get in to midfield.

-Vince Young is better than I thought. The Titans got rid of their top running back (Travis Henry) and top 2 wide receivers (Drew Bennett and Bobby Wade) this off-season and Vince Young still manages to keep the Titans in a game they have no business being in. Unfortunately, there is only so much Young can do with this team that will probably struggle all season long.

-The Saints can’t wait to go home and play in New Orleans. The number one offense in the league last year has not been able to click and the Saints are off to an 0-2 start. Look for the Saints to put up points in their Monday night home opener against the Titans.

-The Falcons are kicking themselves for trading Matt Schaub. Schaub has completed 72% of his passes and found a real connection with Andre Johnson. But, the biggest difference for the Texans is Schaub has only been sacked twice in his 2 starts. Harrington was sacked 7 times on Sunday and David Carr was probably sacked 2 times standing on the opposite sideline of the Texans.

-The Panthers and Texans might have the two best receivers in the game. Andre Johnson and Steve Smith are the only targets on their teams and they still manage monster numbers despite constant double teams.

-Don’t get your hopes up in Detroit. The Lions beat the Raiders and beat the Vikings in overtime despite Tavaris Jackson throwing 4 picks. The Lions are at best a .500 team and even that is a stretch.

-The Bears continue to be who we think they are. Still don’t know if I like Dennis Green’s tirade better than Jim Mora’s. Good defense, Grossman inconsistent, but they win games for now.

-The Patriots are scary. Usually it takes a quarterback and receiver awhile to get on the same page, but Tom Brady has taken 3 new wide receivers and has instantly clicked. Undefeated season? Hope I just jinxed them.

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