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October 22, 2007 2:10 PM

At the Game - Cardinals @ Redskins

I had the opportunity to attend my first Redskins game of the season yesterday as they hosted the Arizona Cardinals. Although my family has season tickets, I live in Philadelphia, making it a challenge for me to make it to many games.


-Cardinal fans do not travel well, or possibly don’t exist. My friend asked me as we got to the stadium, “Over/under, 11 cardinals fans we see today.” Although I knew there would be few fans, I had to say over, I mean, 11 is quite a small number. By the end of the game, the count was at 2 people who were noticeably Arizona fans (wearing some sort of apparel or cheering for the Cards). As we walked back to the metro stop we spotted 8 more jerseys/hats/etc, bringing the grand total to 10. Sure, Arizona is not exactly close to Landover, Md., but only 10 fans? There are more people in the DC chapter of the OJ Simpson fan club.

-The Redskins offense is woeful. I know that the O-line is banged up, but wow, 160 total yards? Gibbs and Saunders clearly used the O-line injury problems as an excuse to call a conservative game, and luckily the defense bailed them out of another sorry performance. After the game Gibbs said in his press conference, “we took some shots…” I don’t know what game he was watching, but it wasn’t the same one that I was. I wish Gibbs did take some shots, of vodka. Maybe if Gibbs and Saunders pounded 5 or 6 shots before the game they’d be willing to throw over 10 yards downfield once or twice a game.

-Redskins fans love Chris Cooley. Particularly white fans, especially fat old white men. Cooley is the most popular jersey owned by Skins fans, which I find a little surprising.

-Didn’t Greg Williams used to blitz? When he came to the Redskins he was all about complex blitz packages to rush the opposing team into making mistakes. The last two weeks he’s been content to rush 4 (or less) and leave it up to his coverage. I’m not second guessing his decisions, since the defense has been playing well. However, it would have been nice to pressure Kurt Warner on 3rd&8 from the 10 at the start of the 4th quarter. Warner had 8 seconds to sit back and wait for something to open up, eventually it did and he hit Boldin for a TD. Warner was playing with one arm and has a history of fumbling the ball when he gets hit, yet the Skins were content to rush only the front 4 (again, or less) all day long and it almost bit them in the ass.

All in all it was an entertaining game, but I think I might have lost 3 years of my life due to stress accrued in the last 3 minutes if that game. (How do you let someone recover an onsides kick that easily? He practically sat there and waited for the ball.) At least Washington got the win, because up next week are Ryan’s Patriots in New England who seem eager to make everyone in the NFL hate them by beating teams by 20+ points a game and generally acting like pompous asses. We can lose that game (and probably will), but I hope Sean Taylor gets confused and spear tackles Bill Belichick and breaks his body into pieces.

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