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October 16, 2007 2:23 PM

Bizarro Fantasy World

Yes, Robbie beat me in fantasy football this past week. And this was despite a total of 0.5 points from all three of his WRs. But what is even more astonishing than me managing to lose to Robbie and his one horse team (LT) is how backwards all of fantasy football has been this season.

For the first three to four weeks, all the talk was about how the top 3 picks weren’t performing up to their expected level. Now LT has turned things around and seems back on track to be the #1 player in the league. LJ finally found his way into the end zone for the first time this week thanks to the lackluster Bengal’s D. Stephen Jackson, however, is still injured, and still in St. Louis, where nothing is going right this season. Continue to look at the fantasy football and you’ll see the oddities of this season go beyond the top 3 and their slow start.

For example, the #3 QB (and #3 player overall) in my league at this moment is none other than Browns QB Derek Anderson, who wasn’t even a starting QB on a team thought to be one of the worst in the league at the start of the season. Where is consensus #1 fantasy QB stud Peyton Manning? Well, he is performing about as expected; around 20 fantasy points a game, but is the 5th highest scoring QB so far. What QB is averaging just about the same number of points per game? The answer is Brian Griese, despite his two interceptions thrown per game and the fact that he just looks awful.

Top surprise RBs at this point include Ronnie Brown, a guy who was fighting for his starting job and playing time at the start of the season, LaMont Jordan, who was pure fantasy poison last year (when I had him, of course), and Adrian Peterson, who everyone thought would be good, but not this good this soon. That leaves typical first round RBs further down the list. Players like Willie Parker, Shaun Alexander, Reggie Bush, and Frank Gore all are underperforming fantasy afterthoughts like Jordan. Don’t even get me started on the season of my first round pick, Laurence Maroney. I understand that he’s injured now, but even before the injury the odds of him finding the end zone were about the same as finding a used condom in Travis Henry’s bedroom.

What does all this mean for the rest of the fantasy season? My guess is not very much. Things tend to work themselves out in the fantasy world for the most part. There is a reason RBs are taken over QBs. Expect the numbers of the Derek Anderson to fall off and players like Gore to start performing (assuming they can keep healthy). If you have a player out performing his expectations, now would be a good time to trade, while the value is still high. However, if you have Adrian Peterson, I don’t know if I’d part with him for anything short of Tom Brady or LT.

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