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October 31, 2007 7:48 PM

Blame Kobe For Lakers Loss

Kobe Bryant scored 45 points and 18 in the fourth quarter, but despite these numbers he should take most of the blame for the Lakers loss last night to the Rockets. The Rockets knocked off the Lakers in Los Angeles 95-93. Kobe Bryant continues to try and do too much and has no faith in his teammates. But, Bryant’s lack of faith in his teammates is unwarranted.

Bryant is the most talented player in the NBA. He hits the shots no one else can hit and leaves people wondering how he does it. He has the prettiest stroke in the game and can hit from anywhere or with anyone guarding him. But, this doesn’t mean he should try and hit from anywhere and with any amount of people guarding him. There were many times when Kobe would drive to the hoop and be double and triple-teamed and still wouldn’t look to kick it out to his teammates for a wide open jump shot. Bryant had 4 assists, but with his ability to drive and draw defenders he should easily average 7-8 assists per game.

Instead of assists, he’s determined to take half the shots and carry the Lakers on his back on his ability to score alone. But, Bryant shot just 13 for 32 for a field goal percentage of 40%. The rest of the Lakers team shot 19 for 44 for 43%. I understand Bryant needs to be the Lakers main threat, but he needs to get his teammates involved.

The biggest problem for the Lakers were free throws and Kobe was no exception. The Lakers went 27 for 45 from the stripe for a 60% average. Bryant was just above that average at 66%. But, this is coming from a player that was 12th in the league last year in free throw percentage at 87%. Bryant missed 9 free throws, which has got to be close to a record for him.

There is no one close to his abilities on that team, and sometimes he takes bad shots because no one else can create like he can, or he gets stuck with the ball with a couple seconds left on the shot clock. But, Bryant needs to find the right balance and he was nowhere near the right balance last night.

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