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October 8, 2007 4:57 PM

Fair Or Funny: Favre Can’t Finish In The 4th Nor Can College Student

Last week, after watching Brett Favre set the record for most touchdowns passes of all time, Rhett Nichols, a junior at Wisconsin University mentioned how ridiculous announcers have gotten when describing Brett Favre: “I don’t know how many times they make reference to how old he is yet he can still get it done. And it’s not just the announcers that are getting carried away. The director of the games will show shots of Favre just randomly even when the Packers are on defense. It was outrageous and I knew I had to do something.” Rhett did what any college student would do when faced with a problem about sports: he made a drinking game about it. “We have our normal Sunday Night Football game where we have rules like you drink every time they toss to a reporter on the sideline, or when Madden draws on the screen, or when he says something inaudible, but I thought with Favre playing on Sunday night we had to make a new game.”

The rules were simple:
1. Any time they mention Favre by name = take a sip
2. Mention of Favre’s age = take a sip
3. When Favre gets praised = take a sip
4. Any time they cut to a reaction shot of Favre= drink until they cut away

“I knew it would be difficult, but through the first quarter I was pretty sure I could make it through the whole game.” An unofficial tally through the first quarter had them mentioning Favre by name 25 times, references to his age 6 times, and 12 reaction shots of about 4 seconds each. “I had gone through about 4 beers through the first quarter. But it never let up. They showed shot after shot of Favre and that montage in the 2nd quarter really hurt.”

Rhett managed to stick it out until late in the 4th quarter, but, “When the Bears scored that touchdown to go up 27-20 with under 2 minutes remaining I knew I had no chance. Brett Favre being given the ball with a chance to mount a game-tying drive in the 4th? He was all over the screen and the announcers couldn’t stop talking about him.”

Rhett passed out just before Favre threw to the endzone and was picked off with 1 second remaining in the game. “I was so close. But, I have no regrets. Hey, it turned out better than when I played take a shot every time Kobe takes a shot. I don’t recommend anyone trying that one.”

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