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October 3, 2007 1:58 PM

Fair Or Funny: Knicks Love To Give

On October 2nd, a federal jury in Manhattan awarded Anucha Browne Sanders $11.6 million in punitive damages for her sexual harassment and wrongful firing case against the Knicks. One former Knick was surprised by the decision. Allan Houston, former Knicks guard, recently commented on the result of the trial: “1.6 million? That’s it? She should have held out for more. We all know the Knicks will pay it. I made $20 million last year and I didn’t have to step into court or on a court.”

But, Houston was a little concerned by the decision, since he has recently thought about making a comeback this season: “I just hope they can afford to pay me and Ms. Brown. I figure, since I might actually play this year I should get at least $25 million-it only seems fair.”

When asked if he felt jealous that Browne will most likely be making more than him this upcoming year Houston responded, “Hey, she may be making more money than I will, but does she have a rule named after her? That’s something you can’t buy.”

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