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October 30, 2007 2:20 PM

Favre Does It Again

With Cutler marching down the field Brett Favre sat on the sideline with a look that said, ‘just give me one more chance’. The Packers defense held the Broncos to a field goal (this time not a game-winner for Elam) and Favre only needed one chance in overtime to end it.

The Packers were last in the league in rushing coming into the game. They averaged 20 rush attempts per game for 65.7 yards per game. But, playing against the Broncos can cure any team’s running problems. The Broncos are giving up a league worst 166 rushing yards per game. The Packers only had 105 rushing yards, but more importantly they were able to have a balanced offense. They passed 27 times and rushed 27 times. The Packers will have to get the running game going to continue winning in the cold months ahead.

The Packers defense has some big playmakers. Kampman is now tied for 2nd in the NFL with 8 sacks after recording 3 on Cutler Monday (Trent Cole leads with 9 sacks). Green Bay dominated the line of scrimmage on defense led by Cullen Jenkins. He was able to penetrate and push back the line. The Broncos who average 124.6 rushing yards per game were held to just 88. Aside from the strong defensive line, the linebacking core is amongst the best in the league. Nick Barnett and AJ Hawk are great tacklers that prevent any big plays in the running game.

But, the story on Monday night was Brett Favre doing what he does best. Favre and the Packers wide receivers challenged 2 of the best corners in the league and won. In the first quarter Favre looked left to freeze the safety then through deep down the right sideline to James Jones who beat Champ Bailey for a 79-yard touchdown. Then, on the first play of overtime, Favre faked the handoff and threw deep down the left sideline to Greg Jennings on Dre Bly for an 82-yard game-winning touchdown. It was Favre’s 36th game-winning drive in the 4th quarter or overtime and it was as if he planned it from the beginning. It was perfect symmetry attacking Bailey down the right side in the 1st quarter and Bly down the left side in overtime. They were the only 2 touchdowns Favre threw, but more importantly he didn’t throw an interception.

Cutler and the Broncos had the ball on 2nd and 1 from the 5-yardline with 25 seconds remaining and couldn’t convert. Cutler missed Brandon Marshall who was open on the outside and then the Broncos called a QB sneak that fell short and they barely got the field goal off. Cutler had a chance to end the game with either play, but he left the door open for Favre and Favre slammed it shut.

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