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October 16, 2007 12:32 AM

NFL Rookie Watch: Week 6

Gaines Adams (Buccaneers) – Adams recorded his first sack of the season in a win against the Titans. Well, it was recorded as a sack, but he simply touched down Vince Young after Young was tripped up by LenDale White. Adams did also have 5 tackles.

Adrian Peterson (Vikings) - Rookie watch? Try MVP watch. Peterson had a franchise record 224 rushing yards. It was a franchise record for rushing yards by a Viking and a franchise record for rushing yards against the Bears. He leads the NFL with 607 rushing yards (80 more than LT), and his 6.3 yards per carry is the most by any running back with at least 40 carries. Clear the mantle for Offensive Rookie of the Year and you might want to make some room for the MVP trophy- if not this year than soon enough.

Aaron Ross (Giants) – Picked off Joey Harrington for this 3rd interception in the past two weeks. Looks like offensive coordinators might have to stop trying the old pick on the rookie cornerback routine.

Dwayne Bowe (Chiefs) – Bowe had 4 catches for 48 yards in a win against the Bengals. He leads all rookies in receptions (26) and yards (415).

Jon Beason (Panthers) – He’s filling in nicely for Dan Morgan. This week he racked up 9 tackles to lead the team in a win over the Cardinals. He’s second only to Patrick Willis in tackles by a rookie.

Greg Olsen (Bears) – He’s becoming a big target for the Bears. He added 5 receptions for 63 yards in the loss to the Vikings. Olsen has had some trouble getting open, but he catches everything that hits his hands.

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