RCS Sidelines

October 31, 2007 4:00 PM

Patriots Make Gibbsy Sad


That didn’t go so well, did it Gibbsy ol’ boy? That one surrrrre got away from us quickly…

And the nerve of that…that…that cheater on the other sideline, running up the score like that! I mean, 52-7?! I know we’re not a good team – no, really, have your seen our offense? We can barely score against Arizona. But sweet potato pie, that is embarrassing. Why, I should march right over there and give him a peace of my mind!


Forgive me, Lord. You know I won’t be getting angry at another man, especially on a Sunday. I’m just venting here.

I know what I’ll do – I‘ll just storm right off the field, without shaking his hand. Yeah, that’ll send the message. Then he’ll know for sure that I am hoppin’ mad!

(Pauses. Collects himself.)

(Looks up to sky.)

I know, I can’t do that either. I’ll go and shake his hand. But I’m not gonna like it! And I’ll make sure its real quick!

I can’t believe I left racing for this.

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