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October 17, 2007 10:58 PM

Possible World Series Matchup Gives Hope To Hopeless

The Rockies and Indians are giving hope to baseball fans of mid-major markets everywhere. These two teams have two of the lowest payrolls in baseball and have taken out teams that tried to buy their way to success. The Rockies took out the Phillies and the Indians took out the Yankees and are on the verge of eliminating the Red Sox. While Major League Baseball might not like that the major markets being eliminated from the postseason, baseball fans should be glad that it takes more than money to win a World Series.

The Rockies have the 6th lowest payroll in baseball at $54 million and they knocked off the Phillies who had a payroll of $89.5 million. The Phillies spent $25 million on pitchers that didn’t even play in the postseason; Adam Eaton made $7.2 million; Jon Leiber made $7.83 million; and Freddy Garcia made $10 million. These three pitchers had a combined record of 14-21 during the regular season. The Rockies’ Jeff Francis had 17 wins during the regular season and cost $750,000.

The Indians have the 8th lowest payroll at $62 million and they eliminated the Yankees whose payroll was more than three times the Indians ($190 million). The Indians highest paid player is C.C. Sabathia at $8.75 million. The Yankees had 11 players that were making over $10 million.

Red Sox fans continually complain about the Yankees buying their way into the World Series, but the Red Sox have by far the second highest payroll. Sure, Sox fans can complain, but how about a team like the Devil Rays whose entire team’s salary is roughly equivalent to Jason Giambi?

I’m happy the Rockies will most likely be playing the Indians in the World Series, but it might be a bad thing for baseball. Major League Baseball is the only major sport without a salary cap and this season underdogs have come out on top, but there’s a reason the Yankees have won a quarter of the World Series. In the NFL, every fan thinks their team has a chance every year, but not in baseball. Maybe that’s why twice as many American’s named football over baseball as their favorite sport. MLB needs to take a cue from every other major sport and implement a salary cap, so more teams like the Indians and Rockies have a chance at glory.

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