RCS Sidelines

October 30, 2007 9:58 PM

The Spurs Are SOOO Boring

It all starts with Tim Duncan. Their superstar plays a half court slow game and the most exciting offensive play is when he banks it off the glass. You know you’re not exciting when the best thing the announcers can talk about is your footwork.

Bruce Bowen is anti-exciting. He’s such a great defender, he makes the teams most exciting player seem boring. So, not only are the Spurs boring, but he makes the other team boring as well.

Tony Parker is the player that bothers me the most because he actually is exciting. But, the problem is I never expect it. I don’t get how someone that small manages to knife through 5 defenders and get to the hoop with ease. Can’t someone put a body on him? This would’ve never happened to an Eastern conference team from the late 80’s. He’d think twice about penetrating on Bill Laimbeer.

But, I think the biggest thing that makes them so boring, but also makes them the best team in the past decade, is their consistency. Every year they win 50-plus games and win at least their first round matchup. They never win 12 games in a row, but they never lose 3 in a row. There’s never any controversy surrounding that team. Drama is what makes sports interesting, but consistency is what wins. It’s also what put me to sleep while watching the Spurs slowly beat the Trailblazers tonight.

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