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November 4, 2007 11:03 PM

Corey Dillon Wants to Give It Another Go


Have you even broken up with a girlfriend, only to see her months later, and realize that she’s lost weight, dyed her hair blonde and had some “surgical enhancement” performed? Then you spend a sad, pathetic few weeks trying to win her back?

“Hey babe, we had some good times, right?”

Well, Corey Dillon just ran into his ex-girlfriend at the mall, and wow, she’s lookin’ good.

“He would absolutely, positively be interested in coming back to play for the Patriots,” Dillon’s agent Steven Feldman said of the 32-year-old running back…”

“He’s thrilled with their success,” Feldman said. “After each game, his teammates will call him and check in. They send each other their best wishes. He’s in constant communication.”

For some reason, I imagine Drew Bledsoe acting this way as well, only he never gets a phone call back. Mmmm…burgers.

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