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November 26, 2007 1:09 AM

Eagles Give Hope to the Rest of the NFL


The Eagles lost last night, but, it was not all for not. They gave the rest of the league hope. There are, in fact, chinks in the armor. They showed that the Patriots are not a machine; they are not a life force that can (and often does) roll over whomever lines up across from them every week. The Patriots DO have weaknesses, and on Sunday night, the Eagles exposed them (namely, attacking the middle of the field).

This was different than the Colts game. Indianapolis was SUPPOSED to play them tough. That was supposed to be a close game. But not last night. Philadelphia entered the game as literally one of the biggest underdogs in NFL history, but they managed to shrug that aside, and played the Pats as tough as anyone has all season, all without their starting quarterback. They sacked Tom Brady. They hit Randy Moss coming across the middle. In the end, however, it simply just was not enough – the better team, as it usually does in the NFL, prevailed.

The Patriots are now 11-0, the 13th such NFL team to go this deep into a season with no losses. Maybe they’ll go 16-0, maybe they won’t. But last night’s game gave the remaining five teams – Ravens, Steelers, Jets, Dolphins and Giants – at least a glimmer of hope. And hope is a dangerous thing.

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