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November 29, 2007 10:49 PM

Jo Pa Or Milton From 'Office Space'

Milton From 'Office Space'
Joe Paterno

First, I thought they just looked alike, but then I read this. Apparently, Joe Paterno only makes $500,000 a year. The average for a division I coach is $950,000. This is Joe Paterno, the second winningest coach in division I history. Bobby Bowden has two more wins than Jo Pa and makes a base salary of $2 million a year, not to mention his incentives. It reminds me of this scene:

Bob Slydell: Milton Waddams.
Dom Portwood: Who's he?
Bob Porter: You know, squirrely looking guy, mumbles a lot.
Dom Portwood: Oh, yeah.
Bob Slydell: Yeah, we can't actually find a record of him being a current employee here.
Bob Porter: I looked into it more deeply and I found that apparently what happened is that he was laid off five years ago and no one ever told him about it; but through some kind of glitch in the payroll department, he still gets a paycheck.
Bob Slydell: So we just went ahead and fixed the glitch.
Bill Lumbergh: Great.
Dom Portwood: So, uh, Milton has been let go?
Bob Slydell: Well, just a second there, professor. We, uh, we fixed the *glitch*. So he won't be receiving a paycheck anymore, so it'll just work itself out naturally.
Bob Porter: We always like to avoid confrontation, whenever possible. Problem is solved from your end.

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