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November 25, 2007 4:18 PM

Week 12 Early Game Lasso

A quick run around the NFL's early games for Week 12.

"My dad makes me play football."

Vikings 41, Giants 17 – Definitely the biggest surprise thus far. New York had more first downs and more total yards, but still got crushed, at home. Minnesota threw the ball just 12 times. It should be noted that it was Tarvaris Jackson making those throws, too. The Vikings basically won in spite of themselves. I suppose Eli Manning’s four interceptions didn’t help things. And yes, Eli, they’re saying “booooo!”

Titans 6, Bengals 35 – Wait, I thought all Vince Young did was win games. Did someone forget to tell Cincinnati? Oops. Carson Palmer finished 32-38 with 283 yards and three TDs. All three of those scores went to Chad Johnson, who proceeded to pretend he was operating the TV camera after one of them. Congratulations, Chad – your team is now 3-7.

Saints 31, Panthers 6 –
At this point, the Saints are just annoying. They’re now 4-6, and still very much alive for the playoffs. They could finish 10-6 or 4-12, and either way, I wouldn’t be surprised. Carolina probably figured their day was done when Matt Moore (who?) replaced David Carr at quarterback.

Redskins 13, Buccaneers 19 – For the second straight week, Washington QB Jason Campbell threw an interception as the Skins were driving for the game-winning TD. I can’t imagine a more frustrating scenario: your young quarterback is showing poise and leadership, leading your team from their own 9-yard line all the way down to the Bucs’ 16 – with no timeouts, mind you. Everything is building and building, and then – WHAM – interception. Must just suck the air right out of you.

Texans 17, Browns 27 –
Cleveland continued its mission to baffle America by…winning. Derek Anderson tossed a pair of touchdowns and Jamal Lewis ran like he found out his phone was tapped, rushing for 134 yards and score. Looking at the rest of their schedule, the Browns could – no; they SHOULD win their final five games. I don’t think I’m ready for a Browns team that finishes 12-4.

Raiders 20, Chiefs 17 – In a battle of Awful vs. Terrible, Awful prevailed, in a slight upset. The Chiefs dropped to 4-6 on the season…and are still just a game back from San Diego for the division-lead. The AFC West is embarrassingly bad.

Bills 14, Jaguars 36 –
This game was actually closer than the final score indicates, but Buffalo still never really had a chance. David Garrard nearly had 300 yards passing and still has yet to throw an interception this season. That’s 209 attempts and zero picks – impressive. Also, with the Buffalo loss, the Patriots clinched the AFC East. I remind you that it is still only November.

Seahawks 24, Rams 19 – Just a reminder that under no circumstances should you trust Gus Frerotte. After Marc Bulger had to leave the game because of an injury – back, ribs, concussion, pick one – Frerotte entered and lead the Rams to the 19-7 lead, and look, he even threw a touchdown. Seattle fought back and took the lead, but the Mighty Frerotte led the Rams down to the 1-yard line, where they faced a 4th down, just three feet from the win, and immortality. And then Frerotte fumbled the snap. Game over. Oh well.

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