RCS Sidelines

November 7, 2007 3:54 AM

What To Watch - Wednesday

7pm- Big Ten Network- Michigan Tech @ Michigan State- Who knew there was a Michigan Tech? Probably the same people that didn't know there was a Grand Valley State until they beat Michigan State last Friday.

8pm- ESPN- Heat @ Spurs- No Dwyane Wade, but you still got Shaq vs. Duncan. The Heat are 0-3, but the most telling sign of how bad the beginning of the season has been is the fact that Ricky Davis is their leading scorer.

8pm- NFL Network- NFL Replay: Patriots @ Colts- So, apparently there was some football game this past weekend that was pretty important. Well, here it is cut down to an hour with sweet NFL Film shots and press conference inserts.

10:30pm- ESPN- Cavs @ Jazz- LeBron's fun to watch.

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