RCS Sidelines

November 17, 2007 2:25 PM

What To Watch: Saturday

7:45pm – ESPN – WVU @ Cincinnati – Aside from Tim Tebow, Pat White and Steve Slaton might be the two most entertaining players in college football. West Virginia is 3rd in the nation in rushing (289 yards per game) but, they’re facing a Cincinnati team that is ranked 13th in rush defense (99 yards per game). West Virginia can get a birth to a BCS bowl if they beat Cincinnati and then beat UConn at home next weekend.

7:45pm – ESPN2 – Boston College @ Clemson
– The winner of this game will advance to the ACC title game. The past two times these teams played, BC won in overtime. BC is coming off of two losses and Death Valley is one of the most intimidating places to play. While it seems Matt Ryan is out of the Heisman race, there is still a tight competition between Ryan and Clemson QB Cullen Harper for ACC Player of the Year. Ryan has over 800 more passing yards than Harper, but Harper has 2 more TD’s and 9 less interceptions.

Non-sports pick: 8pm – USA – National Treasure – There’s an idea out there that Nicolas Cage is either really good in a movie (Adapatation, City Of Angels, and Raising Arizona) or really bad (Ghost Rider, The Family Man, & Snake Eyes), and there’s no in between. But, I think there’s a third category: Bad, but we love it anyways. National Treasure fits into this category along with Face/Off, Con Air, and The Rock. Enjoy mind-numbing entertainment.

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