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December 10, 2007 12:41 AM

Late Night Lasso: Somehwere, Anthony Smith Just Got Beat Deep. Again.

Steelers 13, Patriots 34 – So much for New England’s last “challenge” of the season, huh? The most amazing thing to me is that the Patriots are still picking fights with teams – 13-0, and very, very far from being content. Those Pittsburgh fans sure a frustrated bunch tonight, as TheStarterWife over at Ladies… so beautifully illustrated.

Browns 24, Jets 18 – Apparently left behind from Herm Edwards’ days in the Meadowlands: his copy of “NFL Clock Management for Dummies.” Unfortunately for Jets fans, Eric Mangini found it (no where to be found: Herm’s “Top 10 Reasons We Play The Game” essay). By the way, who would’ve though that Buffalo at Cleveland in Week 15 would have pretty big playoff implications?

Vikings 27, 49ers 7 – Even (Purple) Jesus has to rest sometimes (just three yards on 14 carries). But it did not matter, for Minnesota was playing San Francisco, who at best, only somewhat resembles a professional football team. And seriously, who is Shaun Hill? How many undrafted quarterbacks played today?? Side note: Guess who owns the 49ers first round pick in the next NFL Draft? Yep, the Patriots.

Cardinals 21, Seahawks 42 – Last week, the guys here at RCS had a discussion about what division was the toughest in the NFL. Needless to say, the NFC West was never mentioned. For the record, we ranked it just behind the SEC East.

Chiefs 7, Broncos 41 – Kansas City was 4-3 at one point this season. That seems harder and harder to believe as each week passes.

Colts 43, Ravens 20 –
All you need to know about this game (besides the 184 references about how the Colts once played in Baltimore), is that Jim Sorgi entered the game with about eight minutes left in the 3rd quarter. Jim Sorgi.

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