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December 10, 2007 4:13 PM

PM Line: Bean Burrito

Is Steinberg great because of the zany Wizards? Or are the Wizards zany because Steinberg is so good? Either way, they make for fantastic pairing. The latest: Nick Young's nickname is "Bean Burrito." (DC Sports Bog)

Ya know what might help that Patriots running game? Darren McFadden. (AOL Fanhouse)

David Beckham, teaching soccer to...Snoop Dogg's kids. Of course. (We Are The Postmen)

The Pacers' Jamaal Tinsley spent the early part of Sunday morning ducking from bullets. (Indy Star)

Guess who has the best defense in the NBA? Yep, the Celtics. (Matthew Yglesias, via TrueHoop)

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