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December 6, 2007 11:20 PM

What To Watch: Friday

7pm ET - ESPN - Bulls @ Pistons - These two teams were supposed to be at the top of the Eastern Conference. Well, the Pistons are 13-5, but the Bulls are just 5-11. The Pistons have won five in a row and during that stretch they've outscored opponents by over 20 points a night. Good luck, Bulls.

8pm - ESPN2 - Richmond @ Appalachian State (Div 1 Semifinals)
- A Division I-AA school can't beat a top-ranked Division I school, and a playoff system in college football simply can't work. Right, Appalachian State?

9:30pm - ESPN - Jazz @ Spurs - It's unsure whether Tim Duncan will be able to play against the Jazz. If Duncan doesn't play, there's a chance the Jazz break the 16-game road losing streak to the Spurs. Whoever controls the tempo will win this game. Will it be an exciting up and down game like the Jazz like, or a boring half-court grind it out game like the Spurs prefer?

Non-sports pick - 8pm - TNT - Cinderella Man
- Nobody saw this movie in the theater because Million Dollar Baby got all the press, but it's a great feel good movie.

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