RCS Sidelines

December 11, 2007 10:41 AM

What To Watch: Tuesday

7pm ET - ESPN - E:60 - I don't know if you've seen the promos or not, but they ask "Can Bill Simmons create some halftime magic and win a fan a new car?" Well, here's your answer. They'll also be profiling USC freshman OJ Mayo and mixed martial arts sensation Kimbo Slice.

7pm - Versus - Penguins @ Flyers
- This is a pivotal game in the wide open Atlantic division. These two teams seem to be headed in opposite directions with the Penguins having won seven of their past 10 games and the Flyers having won just four of their past ten.

8pm - ESPN - Best of This Is SportCenter - Does anyone NOT like these commercials?

Non-sports pick - 8pm - Fuse - Teen Wolf - Watch the first one before Jason Bateman ruined it with a sequel. Jason is forgiven though, for being a part of Arrested Development.

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