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January 8, 2008 5:05 AM

AM Line: Best Mascot Video Ever

So, turns out alcohol DOES make you a better dancer...even if you're like four years old.

It's tough to really judge a coach by one season, but I think it's fair to judge Cam Cameron on this alone. I'd like to see Porter try that on Parcells.

Tom Brady won the MVP unanimously...well except for this guy.

Why did I decide to come home this week? I should have stayed in DC for this. I guess I'll go sulk on the beaches of Santa Monica (sigh).

Mavs announcer, Brad Davis drops the F-bomb (if you couldn't tell - NSFW).

McNabb calls for the Eagles to bring in more offensive weapons.

"Ya see Theo, with the runnin and the passin and the scoring of the football, the Tigers are gonna win this game. Now get me some Jell-O puddin." JaMarcus Russell does his best Bill Cosby impersonation.

Might be the funniest clip I've ever seen. Just try not to laugh when the announcer says, "This is not funny!" Or when he says, "This isn't monkey business anymore!" or when he says, "He's not a wrestler, damn it!" or basically throughout the ENTIRE clip.

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