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January 29, 2008 11:00 AM

Colin Cowherd Thinks He Is A Friend To Blogs?


I know, ESPN Radio's Colin Cowherd really deserves no extra attention. But, still, this seemed worth mentioning, from Dan Steinberg's Sports Bog over at the Washington Post, discussing things you might do during downtime at the Super Bowl:

"...[Y]ou might chat with Scott Van Pelt about Maryland's basketball team (and Super Bowl cheese options), or with Mike Tirico about the FBR Open. Or with Colin Cowherd about blogs.

'We're a blog on radio,' was one of the things he said to me.

'We see blogs as our allies,' he added, talking about how he sends traffic to blogs and blogs reciprocate.

Let me go ahead and stop ya right there, Colin, because you're lying through your teeth. Either that, or he has the worst memory. Ever.

Because he apparently forgot about the time he infamously (and blatantly) stole original material from M Zone, a Michigan sports blog, in 2006. Then, last April, he told his listeners to attack The Big Lead, another sports blog. And they were successful, as they caused TBL's servers to crash; the website was down for over two days.

Certainly, after all of this, he can't honestly expect to be liked by bloggers, can he? He'd be best off just staying far away from sports blogs altogether...oh, no.

"He also said he's thinking about starting a blog of his own."

One can only hope it has a comments section.

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