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January 23, 2008 6:59 AM

Links To The Past: I'm Moving to Albany!

Who knew the Nationals were in the American League? (East Coast Bias)

Sneakers for only $7.99! Oh, they're endorsed by who? Throw em back in the bin.

And I thought being 6'3 was uncomfortable while flying. Imagine being 7'7. (Yahoo! Sports)

Seems like we can call Kwame Brown a bust. But, people in Maryland are still supporting him. (Hugging Harold Reynolds)

Ron Artest gives up rapping as a career. I wonder why... (Yardbarker)

Speaking of people that should never rap... (Larry Brown Sports)

Any NBA Players worst nightmare: Being traded to the Knicks. (AOL Fanhouse)

What you have to look forward to for the next two weeks. (Deadspin)

Hitler would HATE me...and the rest of the bloggers of the world. (Bleacher Report)

Joakim Noah is like a puppy. An ugly, annoying, whiny, over-hyped, puppy. (AOL Fanhouse)

Damn it! I really enjoyed living in LA. Oh well, Albany can't be that is the state capital, right? (

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