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January 3, 2008 7:00 PM

Please, Just Like the Patriots

ATTN sports columnists:

I understand the pressure you're under to be original. I know that its difficult to provide a new and fresh perspective on topics that are already over-discussed, especially when we're talking about the nfl. But I have to say, I just can't possibly read
another column about the vulnerability of the Patriots right now.

I don't need to hear about the Patriots' "weaknesses."

I don't want to hear about other hot teams that could make a run at the Pats. I don't want to hear about how the Patriots need to "step it up" if they want to win in the playoffs. Or if they play like they did against the Giants, a mediocre team, that they might lose. I'm not even buying an argument that they're too good.

Its getting tiresome.

I'd rather we just settle for the truth. Every flaw the Patriots have, another team has it. For every bad game the Patriots have had another team has had worse. Despite any flaws, the only thing the Patriots are missing is a loss. How can they be vulnerable? How can we make arguments for the other playoff teams against the Patriots, when the Patriots have beat 6 of the 11 other playoff teams?

I'm not buying the Jags' hype - the Southern team thats built for the postseason. I'm not buying win streaks like the Chargers' that are 10 games shorter than the Pats' win streak. The only thing I'm buying right now is the team that was playing in a playoff-like atmosphere for the past 8 weeks and kept on winning. I just can't get behind any other argument.

All I'm asking for is honesty - an admission that a pick against the Patriots is a pick for something different. Saying something new and fresh is great, but I know your hearts are not behind those words. I appreciate the effort but please just save the
"Patriots' vulnerability" angle for when they lose Moss. Until then, lets all just accept that the playoffs are already over.

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