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January 10, 2008 5:00 PM

PM Line: His Name is Kenny George


That folks, is a large human being.

I'm not sure what it entails, but, The Dugout will be changing formats tomorrow. I still think it is one of the funniest things to read on the web. (AOL Fanhouse) You can go here to read their (very) uncensored material.

Apparently, Bo Pelini, new head coach at Nebraska, has been working there since Dec. 2nd...without a contract. Could another team still come in and swoop him up? (Dirty Laundry)

"Thunder" Dan Majerle and his "Good Will Hunting" line he uses during telecasts. (ESPN TrueHoop) (Be sure to check out the VLog here for a video of Thunder Dan and his trick shots.)

Perhaps the Redskins should be looking at Hollywood for their next coach. (The Money Shot)

EveryDayShouldBeSaturday has a top-10 of "MOMENTS OF PURE MALICIOUS FATE" from the 2007 college football season. BC's dramatic win at Virginia Tech came in at No. 4. (EDSBS)

So, did Darren McFadden hit that bouncer or not? (The Big Lead)

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