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January 25, 2008 5:58 AM

Rasheed Needs A Vacation


Rasheed Wallace doesn't want to be an All-Star.

I am not trying to go down there (New Orleans). I am looking forward to those four days (off). I've been keeping a little eye on it, but better them (Howard and Shaquille O'Neal , who lead Wallace in the voting) than me. Detroit News 1/22

Rasheed Wallace is a very polarizing NBA figure and many people will probably add this to their arsenal of why they dislike Wallace, but it should be his decision whether he wants to attend or not. Wallace cares about winning and that's it. It's this passion that has got him more technical fouls than anyone in recent years (no, I don't have any official facts on this, but could there be anyone else?). So, if Rasheed needs a few days off from basketball to relax and get ready for the stretch run, can you blame him?

He's on a Pistons team that has played an average of just under 20 playoff games per season over the past five years. This, combined with Wallace being 33 years old,, will take its toll on a player. So, if Wallace wants to take a few days off during the All-Star BREAK, I don't blame him.

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