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January 11, 2008 11:30 AM

Saint Louis Sets New Record for Points

But not in the good way. If you haven't heard yet, the Saint Louis men's basketball team played some awfully terrible basketball last night at George Washington. How bad? 20 points in the game and just seven points at halftime bad.

20 points is the lowest point total in a D-I men's basketball game in the modern era (since the shot clock was invented).

As someone who was in attendance, trust me, this was painful to watch. Obviously, GW played great defense, but Saint Louis just could not make a basket. I had no idea one team could miss that many layups in a game. The only good thing about it was that the game went very quickly (the clock doesn't stop much when you only make seven field goals.

In a game this historically bad, there are inevitably some fun numbers. Let's take a look:

- The Billikens (Greek for "brick") shot 4-23 in the second half. Amazingly, that was actually better than their performance in the first 20 minutes.

- GW (who only scored 49 points themselves on 40% shooting) had 20 combined steals and blocked shots, or, the same number of points as Saint Louis.

- In theory, the Colonials could have stopped scoring at the 4:07 mark in the first half (when they got point number 21).

- At one point, Saint Louis went 54 minutes of real time (18 minutes of game time) without scoring.

Perhaps what's most comical in all of this (besides Saint Louis head coach Rick Majerus' post-game comment: "...we have some issues in terms of our offensive proficiency") is that this game came on a day that the Atlantic 10 was publicly trying to shed the title of "mid-major."

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