RCS Sidelines

January 16, 2008 3:30 PM

What To Watch: Wednesday

7pm ET - ESPN - #5 Duke @ Florida State - Duke cruised past UVA in their conference opener Sunday, but now face Florida State who they have struggled against recently. Duke has lost two in a row to the Seminoles. The Seminoles will have to contain DeMarcus Nelson, who has shot a ridiculous 58% from 3-point range in his last seven games. Looks like ESPN already has them down for a loss. They have their home record as 8-1, when in fact they are a perfect 9-0.

7pm - ESPN2 - Bulls @ Heat - Don't you wish all sports had flex scheduling? The Celtics are playing the Trail Blazers, but no, we get Bulls vs. Heat.

9pm - ESPN - #1 North Carolina @ Georgia Tech - Here's another match-up of a dominant ACC team that has been dominated by a lesser opponent. Georgia Tech has won four straight at home against the Tar Heels. But all signs point to a lopsided UNC win. Georgia Tech is the only team in the ACC with a losing record and UNC is...UNC.

9:30pm - ESPN2 - Texas A&M @ Texas Tech
- I hear Texas Tech is giving out free shotgun pellets. "I didn't shoot once in that direction!"

Non-sports pick - 8pm - Discovery Channel - MythBusters - "Jamie and Adam see if a hurricane can blow the feathers off a chicken."

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