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February 17, 2008 6:05 AM

An Answer To What Happened To The Patriots Championship Gear From The Super Bowl

I always assumed when a team loses a championship, the shirts that declared them champions were instantly destroyed. I always assumed this was a very secure and quick process, but now I find out that's not the case. The New York Post reports:

[The t-shirts] - with "19-0" printed on them - were placed on pallets hours after the game and donated by the NFL to the World Vision charity. Yesterday, the group unloaded its first shipment.

The recipients were the smiling children at a school in the San Gregorio neighborhood in the town of Diriamba.


It's good to see the shirts weren't destroyed, but donating them to children in Nicaragua? Alright, and now you think I'm heartless, but hear me out. The NY Post goes on to say, "Some of the kids wound up swimming in the shirts, since many were XXX-large in order to fit the players," and "Most of the kids did not know who the Patriots were."

Why not place these shirts on E-Bay where I'd imagine you could get $100 per shirt and then give the proceeds to these children? The money they could've gotten by selling these collector items would be much more valuable than these shirts are to these children.

I remember thinking, after the Bills lost their fourth Super Bowl, that I would love to have a shirt proclaiming the Bills Super Bowl Champions. Maybe if I wore it enough I would start to believe it, and if I believed it enough maybe others would too...........

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